Friday, September 30, 2011

On Vacation!

Hey Guys! This is Bri, De Lyn's Boutique is on vacation right now!!! I have been on Vacation since September. I had to do my student teaching and my husband had moved with all of my supplies! SAD!!! I finished my student teaching which was AMAZING! and I have finally moved back home to San Jose. The problem has been that since we were still in a studio all of my supplies were packed into storage! But, as of two weeks ago we have finally moved into a larger apartment. I am going to be able to unpack my supplies! We are getting a new baby puppy next week and I'll be house training him for a while. My plan is to get things up and going after we have him house trained! Hopefully this will be next month sometime! Thank you for your patience!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Marnie's Address Book

My good friend Marnie got married and I made her an address book for her bridal shower gift! It turned out super cute! and I totally love it! I am making my mom one somewhat like it! and I also did it for my Play Group (my scrapbook night). They totally turned out cute! When I finish my mom's and mine I'll put pictures up.

Work Raffle Planner

My mom's work had a raffle and I donated a Planner and an address book to the raffle. I finished the Planner! Here's some pictures of the finished product! I will put the pictures of the Address book up tomorrow!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Planner for Jessica

I decided to make a planner for one of my good friends!!! I just wanted to put up some pictures of the planner for everyone to see!!! I did a few new things! I put a pocket on the back; I did that with the McKenzi planner and I LOVE it and I think I am going to start doing it more!!! and I put picture slots on this one! They turned out super cute and now she can put pictures in her planner!!! I love it! Over all I think it turned out great!

The final product all wrapped up!

The front cover.

The picture slots! you can slide pictures under the leather frames.
The back of the calendar part.

To do list!

Calendar parts! I embossed the months in black and green! They turned out great and I love it! (these are a little out of order).

Note paper! I put black and green paper in hers!
The back pocket.

Mom's Cookbook!

I have been working on a cookbook for my mom for quite some time now and I finally finished it! I am not selling this, but I wanted to put it up here! I hopefully one day (once I am done with school) will have time to make these to sell!!! But until then I just wanted to share some pictures!